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Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction – Skeleton Ghost

pin37591CHRIS’ COLLECTION – This pin features a skeleton ghost at the wheel of the ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. The wheel is a pin-on-pin and moves back and forth. The front of pin reads “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

“In my collection this is pin number 1. It was not only the first pin I bought, it was my first pin period. I got it at Disney World in 2005 and what I really liked about it then/now is that the ship’s wheel moves.”

Pin Pic #37591


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Piece of Disney History – Magic Kingdom Park

pin66347CHRIS’ COLLECTION – This Limited Edition (3500) pin contains pieces from a flag found at the Magic Kingdom® Park. The Magic Kingdom® park opened on October 1, 1971. The flag piece inside the plastic bubble can be different colors, including white, yellow, light or dark blue.

The description, on the reverse of the card says, “This Limited Edition trading pin includes pieces of a vintage Walt Disney World Resort Flag. Although the exact origin of this flag is unknown, it is believed that it was used around the time the park was opened. Walt Disney World  Resort opened on October 1, 1971. The flag, above Tinker Bell is a replica of the original flag.”

“Another in my Piece of Disney History collection. I always liked the old Disney World logo (as shown on the flag). When I see it, it always brings back memories of when I went to Disney World as a kid. Now, thanks to this pin, I own an actual piece of one of those flags with the logo I remember so well.”

Pin Pic #66347

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Pirates of the Caribbean (Piece of Disney History)

pin46437CHRIS’ COLLECTION – This Limited Edition (2500) pin contains hair from the animatronic dog used in the Disney Attraction Pirates of the Caribbean. The dog that was used was located by the singing men in the village fire scene. Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the classic Disney Attractions still in operation at the Magic Kingdom® Park.

A pirate in a red coat is playing an accordion/concertina on the left side of the pin – he has tan gloves and a brown hat with a red feather in it. He is sitting on grey stone steps with a tan dog that is howling — the dog is pin-on-pin. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” logo is across the top in gold lettering against a dark blue background. The bubble with the dog hair is next to the pirate’s head, just above the dog.

“Here is another one of my Piece of Disney History pins. The idea of taking home a small piece of these attractions is something I really enjoy and the fact that these pins are so well done and look so nice makes it even better.”

Pin Pics # 46437

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Toy Story Midway Mania Attraction Vehicle – Rex

pin62732CHRIS’ COLLECTION – Rex the dinosaur from Toy Story is sitting in the Toy Story Mania ride vehicle with his 3D glasses on. This pin is from Walt Disney Imagineering Grand Opening Collection and is an Imagineer Exclusive with a limited edition of 300.

“I like this pin because it reminds me of the time Olivia and I stood in line FOREVER to go on this ride for the first time.”

Pin Pic # 62732

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Donald Duck as a Pirate – Walt Disney Travel Company

pin59514CHRIS’ COLLECTION – Celebrate the Year of a Million Dreams with the Disney Travel Co. and Donald Duck in this pin, created exclusively for the Disney Travel Company and Disneyland Resort.

Donald Duck is welcoming you to “Come Live Your Dream”. He is dressed like a Pirate in a “Capt. Jack” Hat bearing a Jolly Roger. He also is wearing a coat and red sash while carrying a treasure map tucked under his arm. In the background is the silhouette of a castle and twinkling stars in the foreground.

“I saw this pin in passing while on my first trip to Disneyland. Since my daughter Olivia wanted a particular pin I had, I challenged her to find this pin again and trade for it. It took her a while, but when she found someone with it she made the trade, then traded it to me for the pin she wanted.”

Pin Pic # 59514

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E Ticket – Pirates of the Caribbean

pin67306CHRIS’ COLLECTION – This Limited Edition pin (300) was released at Mickey’s Of Glendale at WDI to commemorate the old E Ticket rides. Pin shows the Wicked Wench boat from Disneyland’s Pirates Of the Caribbean. Below the ship is the logo of the ride on an “E” ticket with the date 1967.

“I remember using the old tickets as a kid. You could never have too many E-tickets because they were used for the very best rides. Pirates of the Caribbean was and still is one of my favorites.”

Pin Pics # 67306

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Haunted Mansion (Piece of Disney History) Pin


CHRIS’ COLLECTION– “This is one of my favorite pins that I have in my collection and it’s from one of my favorite rides at Disney World. I like it because it contains an actual piece of the ride and it glows in the dark.”

This Limited Edition (2,500) pin contains pieces of one of the three Audio-Animatronic Hitchhiking Ghosts (Phineas) from the Haunted Mansion which opened in the Magic Kingdom Park on October 1, 1971.

The Ghost is a pin-on-pin and glows in the dark. The piece of the ghost is in a capsule on the left side of this black-metal pin.

Pin Pics # 43302

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